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Choosing a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

When choosing a Motorcycle Accident Attorney, you should focus on those who specialize in these types of cases. Using an online search engine is one way to find lawyers in your area.


An attorney will collect all relevant details to build a strong insurance case, including police reports, eyewitness comments, medical records, and more. They’ll also calculate all past and future losses, such as lost workdays, diminished earning potential, and physical pain and suffering. Contact Baltimore Motorcycle Accident Attorney for professional help.

As a motorcycle owner, you should consider the same types of insurance coverage as you would for an automobile. Your choice of policy will depend on your personal needs and state laws. While most riders are legally required to carry liability insurance, there are a number of other coverage options that may be worth considering.

PIP or personal injury protection is a type of no-fault insurance that pays your medical expenses regardless of who caused the accident. Depending on the state, it can also cover other losses such as lost income. In most cases, you must have this insurance before filing a claim against the at-fault party.

Uninsured motorist coverage is another option that may be important to consider. This insurance covers your medical bills, damages to your bike and loss of wages if you are hit by a driver who does not have any insurance or is uninsured. This coverage is typically available through your own insurer or through a supplemental policy.

Property damage liability is an additional type of coverage that helps pay for damage to other people’s property that you cause during a motorcycle crash. While it does not cover your own injuries or damage to your bike, it is an important add-on to any policy.

Guest passenger liability is another rider that may be available to help pay for your passenger’s medical costs if they are injured in a crash that you cause. This coverage is typically limited in terms of how much it can pay out per passenger, however.

Finally, comprehensive and collision coverage are the two main insurance options that pay to repair or replace your bike if it is damaged in an accident. They do not cover specialized equipment such as custom paint or trailers, but you can often purchase additional equipment coverage to protect these items.

Many motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries to the riders. As a result, they can be expensive to treat. While some of these costs can be covered by health insurance, other expenses such as pain and suffering may not be covered. This is why it is essential for any motorcyclist to speak with a qualified personal injury attorney about their options for compensation.

Statute of Limitations

When you are injured in a motorcycle accident, the medical bills can quickly add up. You may also be facing lost wages and other financial hardships. It is important to understand your rights and how compensation for these costs can be obtained. A qualified New York motorcycle accident lawyer can help you navigate the insurance and legal process to ensure that all of your needs are met.

New York law allows you to recover both economic and non-economic damages after a motorcycle accident. These types of damages can include past and future pain and suffering, and healthcare costs such as surgery, hospital visits, physical therapy, medication, rehabilitation equipment, and prescriptions. Your attorney will determine all eligible expenses and calculate the total amount of compensation you should receive.

Your motorcycle accident attorney will examine the scene of your crash and collect all available evidence. This may include police reports, witness statements, accident photos, video footage, and other relevant documents. It is crucial to have an attorney conduct a thorough investigation so that you can identify all potential sources of compensation and file a lawsuit if necessary.

If another party was negligent in causing your accident, your attorney will work to hold that party responsible. This can be a driver who failed to exercise reasonable caution in operating their vehicle, a municipality or private contractor who performs poor road repairs, or even your own bike’s manufacturer.

It is important to have a qualified New York motorcycle accident attorney at your side after a crash to protect your rights. A lawyer can help you identify all sources of compensation and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to get the maximum amount of compensation for your damages. They can also file a lawsuit against the at-fault party when a settlement cannot be reached. In most cases, you have three years to file a lawsuit after your crash, but an experienced attorney can help you determine if any exceptions apply. They will ensure that your case is filed within the statute of limitations. If it is not, your case will be dismissed and you will lose your right to recover compensation.


Subrogation is a process where your insurance company attempts to recoup its costs from the at-fault party. It is typically a behind the scenes process and your involvement is minimal. However, it is necessary in order to make sure your claims are properly handled and that you are adequately compensated. This is especially important with car accidents and health insurance.

For example, if your car was damaged in an accident and the repairs cost $1,000, your insurance company may try to recover the expenses from the driver who caused the collision. They will do this by filing a subrogation claim with their own insurer and the other driver’s insurance company. This allows them to avoid paying out more money than they have in coverage and keeps their own premiums low for the policies they sell.

If they are successful in recouping the cost of the repairs or medical bills from the other insurance companies, they will refund any portion of your deductible that you had to pay for the claim. While it can take weeks, months, or even years for this to happen, your insurance company should be able to notify you of the settlement that they reached with the other insurance company.

It is vital that you are aware of your rights and obligations when it comes to insurance and a potential subrogation claim. You should always contact an experienced attorney if you receive notice of a subrogation claim from your insurance company or another insurance company in relation to an accident. They can help you understand your rights and responsibilities and navigate the insurance process for you.

Subrogation can be a complicated topic, but it is an important aspect of your motorcycle accident case. If you are interested in learning more about subrogation and how it relates to your injury claim, contact Batta Fulkerson for a free consultation with one of our attorneys. We have the experience, resources, and accident reconstruction experts needed to properly investigate your claim and provide you with the legal guidance that you need. We are committed to helping you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Medical Bills

Medical bills are often one of the biggest portions of an accident victim’s damages. They can cost thousands of dollars or more for hospitalization, tests, surgeries, and treatments. In addition, victims must deal with lost income due to being out of work while they recover from their injuries. A personal injury claim allows them to get compensated for these losses.

A motorcycle accident lawyer can help victims recover the compensation they deserve to pay for their medical bills. They can also assist them with pursuing additional damages such as lost income, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium. A successful claim can help victims get back on their feet after a motorcycle crash.

While health insurance is often the first line of defense for paying medical bills in a motorcycle accident, it may not cover all of the expenses that result from an incident. Health insurance policies typically have high deductibles and co-pays, not to mention coverage limitations. Adding Med Pay or PIP coverage to your motorcycle policy can extend the coverage you receive and help to offset these out-of-pocket costs.

Those who are injured in motorcycle accidents often face serious medical bills that can quickly add up. The medical treatment they need can be expensive, and they will likely miss out on work while they recover from their injuries. A motorcycle accident attorney can help to ensure that the responsible party pays for these costs and other related damages.

Motorcycle accidents often occur when a driver fails to exercise their duty of care. This includes driving while intoxicated or using mind-altering drugs that affect their reaction times and motor coordination. Other common causes of motorcycle accidents include mechanical failures, such as engine or brake problems; and drivers opening their car doors into unsuspecting motorcyclists on city streets.

After a motorcycle accident, the last thing a rider needs is to have to worry about their finances. A knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer can help them find the best avenues for compensation, so they can focus on recovering from their injuries and getting back to normal life.